The Best Green Technology Oil – NOW12

There are a lot of green technology oil products or GTOil products in the market but only one stands out: Nature’s Oil Works (popularly known as NOW12). Why? Because of three main reasons:

1. No other product is more effective than NOW12. Results like these happen seconds after treating your engine with this GTOil:

  • Lowers fuel consumption.
  • Greatly reduces carbon emission.
  • Increase in torque and horsepower.
  • Cleans engine.
  • Experience a smoother engine response.

2. No other product is CHEAPER when it comes to the effects this oil enhancer can give. Prices are:

  • 1 liter = P1,500
  • 230ml = P375
  • 30ml = P55

3. No other green technology oil is as safe as Nature’s Oil Works. Why? It is because NOW12 is plant-based so it is biodegradable!

NOW12 is being distributed by a company named Godward Enterprises in Mindanao.

NOW12 can help your car:

1. By reducing emission level in a matter of minutes.

When NOW12 is mixed with the petroleum-based engine oil, the resulting mixture can survive longer during the combustion process. This means that there are less unwanted smoke emissions.

2. By lessening the costs when it comes to your car maintenance.

The treated oil can now improve compression sealing, thus, better fuel vaporization during compression stroke. This will result to better combustion. Since lubrication is also improved, this means that there is less friction on the moving parts. Less friction means less heat and less wear on parts.

3. By optimizing the mechanical performance of your car.

Previous lost energy due to friction is now utilized into mechanical motion. This means that there will be a direct improvement in mechanical performance.

4. By allowing longer change oil intervals.

NOW12 can help make the change oil intervals of your car up to 400% longer without the compromise of the quality of your oil.

5. By cleaning old oil deposits in your engine.

NOW12 works not only as an enhancer but also a cleaner of your engine. The treated oil will work inside the engine by flushing out the sludges found inside the engine. As a result, your engine becomes cleaner the more you use it with NOW12.


These benefits are only a few of what NOW12 Engine Oil Enhancer can do. To learn more about this green technology oil, visit or find the nearest Godward Enterprises center.

You can also call them at 284-1186 or text them at 0933-3028859.

You may also find them on Facebook at

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